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At United Exterior Cleaning & Pressure Washing, we understand the importance of maintaining the condition and appearance of your roof. As a trusted roof cleaning company in Austin, Texas, we offer a range of services to help you keep your roof in top shape. Our team of experienced professionals uses the latest techniques and equipment to provide effective and efficient roof cleaning services.

We offer both residential and commercial roof cleaning services in Austin, catering to the needs of all types of clients. Whether your roof has moss, algae, or any other type of staining, we can clean it quickly and efficiently. Our roof cleaning process is safe and effective, ensuring that your roof is not damaged during the cleaning process.

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At United Exterior Cleaning, we are proud to offer professional and reliable roof washing services in Austin. Our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to providing the best possible results for our customers. We understand that your roof is an important investment, and that's why we take great care in ensuring that it's cleaned properly and safely. As a trusted roof washing company in Austin, we use only the best tools and techniques to clean your roof without causing any damage.
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We use a soft wash cleaning method that is gentle on your roof, but tough on dirt, debris, and stains. This method allows us to remove algae, moss, and other harmful growths without causing damage to your roof. Our cleaning solution is eco-friendly and biodegradable, ensuring that it is safe for your family and the environment. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and delivering exceptional results. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with a free estimate for our services.
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At United Exterior Cleaning, we are proud to be the #1 roof washing company in Austin. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality services that meet the unique needs of each customer. We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that your roof is thoroughly cleaned and restored to its original condition. With years of experience in the industry, we have developed a reputation for excellence that sets us apart from other roof washing companies in Austin.
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Professional Roof Washing Service in Austin, TX

At United Exterior Cleaning & Pressure Washing, we are dedicated to providing high-quality roof washing services in Austin. Our team of experienced professionals uses advanced techniques and equipment to safely and effectively remove dirt, debris, and stains from your roof. With our comprehensive roof washing services, we can help extend the life of your roof and improve the overall appearance of your home or business.

As a leading roof washing company in Austin, TX, we understand the importance of maintaining your roof to prevent damage and ensure longevity. Our team has years of experience in the industry and is committed to delivering exceptional results every time. We take great care to protect your property during the washing process, ensuring that no damage is done to your roof, siding, or landscaping. When you choose us for your roof washing needs, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands.

We also offer other external cleaning services which includes gutter cleaning, house washing, concrete cleaning, window cleaning and more. Trust our professional external cleaning experts to revitalize your property’s appearance. 

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As a professional roof cleaning company in Austin, we do not use pressure washing to clean roofs. Pressure washing can damage the delicate shingles and tiles on a roof, leading to costly repairs or replacements. Instead, we use a soft washing method that gently cleans the roof without causing any damage.

Soft washing a roof involves using low-pressure equipment to apply a specially formulated cleaning solution to the surface of the roof. The cleaning solution is designed to break down and remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants without damaging the roof's shingles or tiles. The solution is left to sit on the roof for a specified amount of time, allowing it to penetrate and dissolve any stains or discolorations. Then, the roof is rinsed thoroughly with low-pressure water to remove the cleaning solution and any remaining debris.